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Down to a tea

Down to a tea

– Poetry by Tristan Marajh –

To my exes and estranged,

yet to budge from a grudge

to those who are absent

to those who resent,

to those who are distant with distaste:

I would like to invite you to tea

forty years from now

when we are old,

wrinkled and wringed out by the world

by those things that separated us:

money, lust, power,

status, ambition, a lover.

Let us sit down to tea

and put it all behind us

because forty years later,

it is all behind us.


sit, sip, start again

from when our moments were simple and sweet,

like the people we chose to become.

About the Author – Tristan Marajh

Tristan Marajh’s poetry and fiction appear and are upcoming in Firewords Magazine, Blank Spaces Magazine, The Ekphrastic Review, The Miramichi Reader, DoveTales: A Writing for Peace Literary Journal of the Arts and others. His story The other woman was a Winner in The William Faulkner Literary Competition (2020); his thriller tale Dr. Levenström, I presume? is a Winner in The Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition (2021).

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