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Two Poems by James Brandon

– Two Poems by James Brandon –

January 2, 2018

Two Poems Two Tents
Between Us

Nothing exists,

it’s right there, between the something

between us


So sit down and close your eyes.

Close your eyes and look up at the stars.


Something is out there in the


between us


and to my tongue it tastes like

your tongue.


So close your eyes and look up at the stars.

Sit down and look up at the stars.


Owl and the Bluejay

I like to imagine you’d laugh at my puns.

I’d own a fake owl just to say

“Well owl be damned!”


You’d look at me like I’m an idiot

but then you’d smile just enough

and look to the left

just enough

to keep me plugged in.


But I’d learn. I’d

learn to hold you like

I didn’t understand peek-a-boo.


I want you to have to think twice

because I had never really seen a bluejay look

to the left

until I met you.


James BrandonAbout the Author

James Brandon studied Creative Writing at Capilano University in Vancouver, B.C. and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Today he finds himself working in Communications for a small hospitality startup in Haileybury, Ontario. James writes in his spare time, trying to make the bitter northern winter pass more quickly, and dreaming of where he’s headed next.




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