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– Poetry by Zav Levinson –

Look, it was a long time a go-go I walked
stoned under dark winter skies cold city lights
past crowded-up buildings strung out
in a line behind snow banks steel fences
old trees and old stories I read in red brick
misshapen doorways, old sofas living room
floors, wood mouldings painted green over
yellow over black peeling splintering
into a thousand ideas bouncing
and bounding inside my head, knocking
the smoke out of me.

And you and you and you turned me
on and on and on the third floor flat
on the living room floor, the bedroom
back off the kitchen holy of holies
holding hands rolling joints

sitting in
from the top of
our lungs a pounding
soundtrack running
elbow to
elbow dodging
helmets on horseback

drumming up plans for the day after
tomorrow running out of money
and hope hoping for the best surrounded
rounded up knocking heads locking horns
walking and stalking and looking

for rides, sore thumbs back seats
crazed and crazies climbing
inside and outside through holes
in your arguments, dark rooms, loving
and longing and looking for up
in all the wrong places, I yielded and yawned
turned my neck to the beast, hit
the road trying to get from there to here
from there and back

am I
what that was
with it and them

About the Author – Zav Levinson

Zav Levinson lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he studied English literature at McGill University and Université de Montréal. His poetry explores the interstices of language, syntax, and how a poem makes meaning.  Zav is poetry co-editor of Jonah magazine ( His poems have appeared in a number of publications including, most recently, Umbrella Factory, Montreal Writes, Canadian Jewish News, and My Island, My City. His chapbook, Trelliswork, from Sky of Ink Press, was published in October, 2017. He is currently at work on a second chapbook which he plans to launch live and in person in 2021 to friends, family and Montreal’s English-speaking poetry-loving community.

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